Consulting Services

Offshore Services

Software Development

  • HPCL

  • BHPV

  • NSTL

  • BHEL

  • BHPV


  • NTPC

  • MCSC

  • FORD

  • HAL




Instrumentation Engineering

Engineering Services is in accordance with International Standards like ISA, BS, OSHA, ANSI, NEMA, IEC, NEC, FCI & NFPA.

  • Preparation of design basis
  • Preparation of control philosophy
  • Preparation of detailed execution drawings
  • Preparation of instrument elevation plan
  • Preparation of interlock logic diagrams
  • Preparation of cable tray / cable trench layouts
  • Preparation of junction box termination drawings
  • Preparation of fire and gas drawings
  • Preparation of cause and effect drawings
  • Preparation of requisition and specifications for instruments
  • Foundation field bus installation drawings
  • Technical bid evaluation
  • Review of vendor package systems
  • Sizing of control valves ,orifice plates and relief valves
  • Preparation of interface drawings for DCS, PLC,SCADA & MCC
  • Attending SAFOP / HA Z OP meetings
  • Preparation of earthing layouts for system and field
  • Preparation of scope of work for construction activities
  • Preparation of FAT and SAT procedures
  • Preparation of as built drawings and documentation