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    Today’s global competition is unleashing the forces of change in the manufacturing industries. To stay competitive, manufacturing companies need to improve quality, reduce development cycles and bring down costs. It is here CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) plays a driving role and highlights the importance of design, prototype development and subsequent test and evaluation in manufacturing process.


    DUVVADA INFOSOFT is one of the leading providers of CAM development services. Specializing in CAM application & development and engineering services, we offer total life-cycle support for various engineering projects and a range of CAM services on various platforms, using established methodologies and tools. In addition, our CAM solutions combines’ industrial precision and superior quality to minimize costly tool errors, maximize efficiency and provide unlimited editing capabilities with full support for single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer boards.


    We offer solutions in the following cases:

    • NC Tool Path Generation and simulation in various axis modes
    • Manufacturing process development
    • Tooling: Mould, Die, Jigs and Fixture Design
    • Prototype development
    • 4 & 5 Axis Machining
    • 2D Machining
    • High Speed Machining
    • Electrode Modelling and Machining
    • CNC Programming
    • Tool path generation; and
    • Tool path optimization

    We also offer Computer Aided Manufacturing Solutions to organizations looking to outsource their laborious task of manual part-programming for CNC Milling/Lathe machines. Using sophisticated CNC solutions, we can automate the process of generating CNC codes thereby eliminating the risks of human error, which occurs so often when the CNC code is manually created. Further, we can also undertake the task of customizing the client’s post processor so that the machining codes generated are compatible with the CNC machine. We offer these services for 3 to 5 axis milling and turning.


    With DIPL, you can avail the following benefits:

    • Expertise in cutting-edge CAM technologies that have helped us to maintain an edge over our competitors;
    • Expertise in handling the most complex Computer Aided Manufacturing - CAM requirements that range from systems       selection, setup and integration consultations to solids model developments and CNC tool path programming; and
    • Proven skills in the mechanical engineering industry have enabled us to provide professional and quality services in the       mechanical engineering domain
    • Outstanding quality and accuracy and Hi-tech, automated production with no down time

    A combination of ideal business model, result-oriented solutions and skilled consultants with high-level design and project development expertise makes us the right choice to meet all of your CAM requirements.