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    Product development process has undergone tremendous changes and is continuing to evolve, all of it thanks to the wonders of technology. With technology, functionality and quality has improved and costs has been reduced. In addition, the product life cycle is steadily getting shorter, reducing the amount of time that can be spent on product development.


    Manufacturing companies recognise that the key to winning in this competitive situation is to create high-performance products with excellent cost performance as quickly as possible. This is where computer-aided engineering (CAE) comes in. Computers can provide simulation technology, supporting product development through engineering.


    Our CAE model allows our engineers to investigate and accurately predict critical design characteristics in order to optimize product performance which in turn helps our clients obtain a detailed prediction of the performance characteristics and limitations of a design before it is actually built. This ensures that the performance of the final design is right first time, without the need for expensive prototypes.


    • Finite Element Analysis
    • Static and dynamic stress analysis of components, subsystems and systems under various service loads
    • Non-linear FEM solutions for problems involving large deformations, elasto-plastic behaviour, non-linear material       behaviour and structural contacts
    • Vibration analysis including modal, harmonic, response spectrum and transient analysis
    • Explicit Transient Non linear analysis for impact problems like 'drop tests', 'Automotive crashworthiness Simulation' and       'metal forming simulations'
    • Fatigue life evaluation of components using analytical techniques
    • Heat transfer analysis of both steady state and transient systems
    • Low frequency electromagnetic analysis
    • Coupled field analysis that mainly includes structural-thermal, electromagnetic-structural - thermal interactions
    • Design optimizations to maximize performance and minimize product cost. Optimizations can be carried out for any       quantifiable parameter across a wide spectrum of disciplines (Multi Discipline Optimization -MDO)
    • Quality meshing services including brick meshing, tetra meshing and shell meshing of automotive and general       engineering components and assemblies
    • BIW meshing and complete full vehicle FE model preparation
    • Multi-Body Dynamics
    • Kinematics analysis and synthesis of mechanisms
    • Quasi-static load predictions (useful for FEA boundary conditions)
    • Rigid mode analysis
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Piping analysis
    • Design Optimization
    • Reverse Engineering and Surfacing
    • Noise and Vibration Analysis


    Tools used by us include Hypermesh, Nastran, LS-Dyna, ADAMS, ANSYS, CAESAR-II, ANSA, MSC/PATRAN, MSC/NASTRAN, ABAQUS,


    Along with the tangible and functional benefits of CAE, our clients can benefit from faster design times and a reduction in the need for physical prototyping. This facilitates projects with accelerated development schedules to be supported without having to incur any tradeoffs that might reduce product functionality or quality.