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    DUVVADA INFOSOFT has extensive experience in mechanical field and the capability to handle all of your design and drafting needs. We offer high quality CAD/CAM/CAE and engineering services to diverse clients including aerospace, automotive, medical, appliances, heavy machinery, ship building, railways and general engineering industry. Our strong domain expertise with hands on experience gives us an edge over our competitors in delivering solutions in line with your expectations.

    DUVVADA INFOSOFT has extensive experience in mechanical, civil, residential, structural and architectural fields and the capability to handle all of your drafting needs. We offer high quality 2D and 3D CAD services to diverse clients including architects, building services contractors and manufacturers, consulting engineers, facilities management providers, main contractors, planning consultants and surveyors. Our strong domain expertise with hands on experience gives us an edge over our competitors in delivering solutions in line with your expectations.


    At DUVVADA INFOSOFT, we use the latest CAD software, layering standards, and drafting techniques. Our CAD professionals are highly conversant with the latest Engineering Design and CAD platforms such as AutoCAD 14, AutoCAD 2004, AutoCAD Architectural Desktop, Mechanical Desktop,  Unigraphics NX, Solid Works, Solid Edge , AutoDesk Inventor, Pro /Engineer Wildfire, and CATIA.

    Product Design: Conceptual design, component design, assembly design, Interference checks and tolerance analysis for components and assemblies


    3D Modeling: Creation of fully constrained parametric 3D solid models and assembly models from source data and reverse engineering using CMM / laser scanning for Finite Element structural analysis or any other related work.


    Data Conversion: Legacy Data Migration and digitization into latest CAD systems and model migration across different CAD platforms. In addition, we also perform conversion of hand drafted drawings (available in paper format), to electronic CAD files (paper to CAD conversions) through a process of scanning and digitization, followed by editing in AutoCAD environment.


    Database Application: It involves AutoCAD Interfacing of electronic drawings and the data associated with the entities to create a bidirectional editing & upgrading facility.


    We specialize in transforming manual drawings / raster images into clean, ready to use, computer generated drawings converted / vectorized / digitized into AutoCAD, Microstation or DXF formats.


    Project Based CAD Support
    In case, you have an occasional need for CAD outsourcing, or would like to first try working with DIPL before committing yourself to longer term CAD outsourcing, then this model is suitable. Under this model, you will be working directly with a dedicated project manager (rather than a dedicated team) for project co-ordination and workflow. The project manager is the key to maintain continuity between multiple projects and to help CAD outsourcing work for you seamlessly.

    Dedicated Studio CAD Support
    Where your office has an on-going and regular need for CAD support, the Studio Model remains a better model to meet your need. Under this model, most of the clients start off with outsourcing a single project (Project based model) and eventually commit to the studio model. This is not only cost-effective, but also worthy in the long run.
    Under this model, we allocate a dedicated team (of one or more members) to ensure maintenance of continuity and consistency from one project to another. Every studio is led and supervised by a senior project leader for ensuring project quality, timely work completion and project co-ordination. This kind of work allotment has proved to be useful in developing a good rapport with the client and develop a detailed understanding of the client working style.

    Irrespective of your model choice, you can be assured of our work competence and professionalism at all times. Our work flow processes for close supervision, quality review and continuous communication with the client assures that the projects are delivered on time and with customer's in-house quality standards.



    • Improved operational efficiency
    • High-quality, accurate conversion of existing physical drawings or scanned images
    • Intelligent digital prototype of product concepts from freehand sketches
    • Reduced Costs
    • Fast Turnaround; and
    • High Quality Work


    At DIPL, we take pride in delivering clean and clear computer generated drawings with high precision and quality.